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The Super Delta anchor is a classic in the offshore industry. It is a simplification of the Flipper Delta type of anchors, used in the same offshore and Oil & Gas industry applications. We provide both original Flipper Deltas and our own newly manufactured Super Delta.

Super Delta

Flipper Delta

Here at Castle Hills we own several sizes of the original Flipper Delta anchors, and we have them in stock. They are used, second hand, and we have those units for sale.

New Super Delta Anchors

We have created the Super Delta and we have hundreds of pieces in stock, mostly in our yards and facilities in Asia Pacific, with destination to offshore sites worldwide.


We provide different sizes of the Super Delta anchor, starting at 1000 to 5000 kgs, for the smaller offshore operations. Also we provide Super Deltas spanning 7000 to 10000 kgs, for routine operations. And finally, for the largest offshore endevours we provide 12000 to 40000 kgs super delta anchors.