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Buy an Offshore Anchor

Your oil rig or your oil tanker need high quality anchors. Whether you need it in Norway, Middle East or China, our facilities are near you.

Several Delta anchors offshore stevpris mk6
Second hand Bruce offshore anchors in Norway Loading of an HHP Delta

Rent an Offshore Anchor

Sometimes offshore operations get big, and need way more equipment than they already have, but for over a period of a few months.

Second Hand Flipper Delta Anchors

Original and used Flipper Delta anchors in Sotra, ideal for offshore oil operations. Second Hand oil rig anchors as well in stock in Stavanger, Norway.

Second Hand Flipper Delta Original Flipper Delta

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At Castle Hills we like making things simple. Get in touch with us and get a quote for the equipment that you need, and find out what suits best your needs.

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