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The Wide Body shackle is also commonly known as the Sling Protector shackle. The characteristic shape of it's body ensures that the wire rope travels at a smoother surface with a larger area, protecting it from deformities.

Wide Body Shackle

Used Wide Body Shackles

Most of the wide body shackles that we supply are used or second hand. Most of them are different units of the famous Crosby Wide Body Shackle.

New Wide Body Shackles

Here at Castle Hills we also supply new and first hand wide body shackles. We have our own maker and we get them delivered directly to us.


The different sizes of the wide body shackle allow adaptability to your needs. The smallest wide body shackles start weighting between 14 and 84 kgs. While the medium-sized units can weight around 115 and 960 kgs. The largest ones, the bigger sizes weight about 1350 and 8200 kgs, which are extremely heavy.

Crosby Wide Body Shackles - Second Hand

Here are some of our original Crosby shackles for mooring of the type wide body, that we have in Stock in Norway.

Spek M anchor in Sotra, Norway Spek anchor in Stavanger, Norway