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GN H9 shackles are also known as the famous High Alloy Shackles, and are using for mooring operations. They are very similar in terms of aspect and utilities to the H10, with their main difference being the material and the bolt.

Mooring Shackle

Used GN H9 Shackles

Castle Hills owns and has in stock multiple sizes of the original GN H9 shackles for mooring. They are second hand and used in good conditions.

We also have the GN H10

We also have in stock different units of different sizes of the H10, a very similar mooring shackle that has the same applications as the H9.


We have units of several different sizes of the GN H9 shackle for mooring in stock in Norway. The smallest out of these mooring shackles can be between 0,02 to 1,2 kgs. The medium sizes go all the way from 1,8 to 8,2 kgs, which are also the most commonly used ones. While the bigger sizes weight everything from 14 to 62 kgs.

Second Hand GN H9 Shackles for Mooring

We supplied at a project in Saudi Arabia some giant GN H9 shackles, second hand. Not to be mistaken with the H10, which looks nearly identical.

Giant GN H9 shackles for Saudi Arabia Big GN H9 shackles in stock in Norway