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Crosby G2130 Shackles for Sale

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Buy or Rent a Safety Bow Shackle

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The standard safety bow shackle is the Crosby Shackle type G 2130 used for mooring operations. It is the shackle that we have in Stock in our Norwegian facilities. It comes with a variety of bolts, with safety pin or not.

Crosby Mooring Shackle G2130

Used Crosby G2130 Shackles

We have several units in Stock in Norway of different sizes of the original Crosby G 2130 shackle for mooring. It is used and second hand.

New Safety Bow Shackles

If you are in need of first hand safety bow shackles, we recommend you our mooring shackles of the type safety bow which we have in Stock.


The Safety Bow Crosby Shackle type G 2130 comes in many different weights and sizes. You can see that the smallest ones weight between 0,003 and  1,23 kgs. The medium sizes go from 1,79 to 8,62 kgs of weight. While the largest sizes of this model of Crosby Shackles, which we have in Stock, can weight between 15,4 and 153 kgs each.

Second Hand Crosby Shackles for Mooring

Our photos from the original Crosby Shackles of the type G 2130 that we have in Stock in our facilities in Norway, near Bergen.

Crosby Shackles in Stock Crosby Shackle Safety Bow