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The famous Safety Bow shackle is one of the most commonly used shackles for mooring chain. It is commonly known as the G 2130 shackle. While the design is standardized, there are different types of bolts depending on your needs.

Safety Bow Shackle

Used Safety Bow Shackles

Here in Norway we have in Stock multiple types and sizes of the safety bow shackle. Several of them are original Crosby g 2130, used and second hand.

New Safety Bow Shackles

We also have in Stock both in Norway as well as in Asia Pacific thousands of new Safety Bow shackles, coming straight from our preferred maker's factory.


The standard safety bow shackles comes in a wide array of different weights and sizes. Starting at a range between 0,36 and 1,79 kgs we have the smallest safety bow shackles. The medium sized safety bow shackle can weight between 2,28 and 8,62 kgs. While the largest ones, the big sizes of safety bow shackles can weight anything between 15,4 and 153 kgs, the ones used in the large mooring operations.

Second Hand - Crosby Shackles Safety Bow

These are photos from our original Crosby Shackles of the model G 2130, which we have in Stock in our Norwegian facilities.

Crosby Shackle G2130 Second Hand crosby shackles
Safety Bow Shackles in Norway New Safety Bow Shackle

New Safety Bow Shackles from Castle Hills

We have hundreds of new safety bow shackles, which have never been used, and we bring them straight from the factory.