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Stevpris Mk6 Anchor for Sale

Stev Series Anchors

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The Stevpris Mk6 Anchor is considered the most popular anchor in the World. At least in the maritime industry, when it comes to offshore operations. It is an essential piece of mooring equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry. Available to you thanks to Castle Hills.

Stevpris Mk6 Anchor

Used Stevpris Mk6 Anchor

Find in Bergen or in Sotra, Norway, the original and second hand or used Stevpris Mk6 Anchor in Stock. You can also find it in the Netherlands or the UK, and other EU locations.

New Stevpris Mk6 Anchor

We also make available for you the newly manufactured Stevpris Mk6 directly from it's source. As well, as similar alternatives which we store in APAC locations.


Stevpris Mk6 anchors are very specialized anchors designed for large operations, in really deep waters. Thanks to it's unique capability of adjusting the penetration angle, there is a lesser need of different sizes of the Mk6 anchors. The most popular sizes, which we provide, go all the way from 1500 kgs to 30000 kgs, mostly used in the Oil & Gas Industry for offshore rigging operations.