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Stevpris MK6

Stevpris MK6

Stevpris MK5

Stevpris MK5


Stevpris MK5

These are specialized offshore mooring anchors, that also fall under the category of drag anchors. They are specialized, since their main use is in dragging oil rigs. But they are also versatile, because their shape and functionality allows them to be operated by crane vessels, certain types of buoys, and even in dredging. They come in different sizes. You can adjust their steering angle, in order to adapt to different types of terrains. This combined, makes them extremely popular in Norway and Norwegian Offshore drilling operations.

Stevpris MK6 Anchor for Sale

The Stevpris MK6 and MK5 are Offshore Anchors. Used in the OIl & Gas Industry, for mooring large oil rigs, while having versatility for other tasks.

Stevpris MK6 Anchors Delivery of Stevpris MK6 Anchors
Second Hand parts of MK6 Unused Stevpris MK6

Rent a Stevpris Anchor

Oil & Gas offshore operations often require rental of Stevpris anchors and other sorts of equipment, due to special needs or change of terrain.

Second Hand ​Stevpris Anchor

Not all anchors are new, some people want to buy an used Stevpris MK6 or MK5 anchor, since it is often cheaper than renting a new one.

Used Stevpris Anchor Used MK6 parts

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