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Stevpris Mk5 Anchor for Sale

Stev Series Anchors

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Created in the 1990s the Stevpris Mk5 anchor quickly became one of the most popular anchors of it's time. It is the predecessor of the Mk6, and is still popular in the maritime industry. The Stevpris Mk5 anchor has a holding capacity of 50 times it's weight.

Stevpris Mk5 Anchor

Used Stevpris Mk5 Anchor

The Second Hand used Stevpris Mk5 Anchor is the most popular one in stock. It has been used for mooring, it is certified, and it is available in Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom and around EU.

New Stevpris Mk5 Anchors

This firm can also deliver new Mk5 anchors, as well as unused. At the same time, we have to offer very similar anchors, since the Mk5 is an industry standard with several different models.


There is a wide range of sizes of the Stevpris Mk5 anchors. They can start being very small, from 1500 to 5000 kgs, for ferries and for mooring. Other sizes are larger, ranging from 8000 to 18000 kgs, which are used in the Oil & Gas industry, as well as by large ships. The biggest sizes range from 20000 to 65000 kgs and are the largest of all, which are sometimes used in temporary and permanent mooring solutions for oil rigs and oil tankers.