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HHP TW Anchor for Sale

High Holding Power Anchors

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The HHP TW Anchor is one of the most recognizable High Holding Power anchors. It is designed to hold at least twice as much holding power as a regular stockless anchor of the same weight. The TW Type has two large flukes, which are flat and quite robust. 

TW Anchor

Original POOL TW Anchor

You can find at Castle Hills the original POOL TW Anchor, used and second hand. You can find it in Bergen, Norway. We have it in stock, and it is made by the original manufacturer.

New HHP TW Anchors

Our facilities in EU and Asia Pacific (Manila, Singapore, Shanghai) can also supply you as a customer, with unused and new HHP TW Anchors. Delivery to worldwide locations.


You can acquire three badges of sizes of the HHP TW Anchor, depending on the needs and size of your vessel. For the smaller sizes, we provide all sizes between 60 and 1140 kgs. These sizes are to be used by yatchs, fishing boats, and small crane ships. For medium-sized boats we have between 1575 and 6975 kgs, which are useful for many boats in the Oil & Gas Industry, such as research ships. For the largest ones, like cargo ships or oil tankers, there are sizes between 7875 and 16125 kgs in total.