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Buy an HHP Anchor

Buying is the first choice for ship operators. You get your HHP anchors, with corresponding certificates, shipped to your location of choice.

A pile with small HHP TW anchors One large unused N type HHP anchor
A Small TW type, new Some unused TW anchors

Rent an HHP Anchor

Same as buying, but cheaper, and for a time period. Perfect choice for a fast and temporary change of ship equipment.

Second Hand HHP Anchor

We have original POOL N anchors and POOL TW anchors in stock in Bergen. We have other used anchors for sale in Sotra as well.

Delivery of a second hand original Pool N An used AC 14 in Sotra

Not Sure What you are Looking For?

At Castle Hills we like making things simple. Get in touch with us and get a quote for the equipment that you need, and find out what suits best your needs.

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