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The D'Hone is a special High Holding Power created in the 1960s, that gained special popularity and relevance. It's design combines a balance of robustness with low weight, and therefore, efficiency. The origins of the D'Hone anchor are in Germany.

D'Hone Anchor

Used D-Hone Anchor

At Castle Hills we can offer you a wide variety of D Hone anchors, according to your needs and sizes. The closest to you might be in Bergen, Norway; or in Rotterdam or the Netherlands.

New D-Hone Anchors

We also offer unused new D Hone anchors produced for us, and located primarily in Manila, Shanghai, Singapore and other locations in Asia Pacific. Ensuring a fast delivery.


The special D'Hone anchor is available at different sizes, depending completely on your special needs. For the small to medium sized boats, there is a collection ranging from 500 to 2200 kgs of D Hone anchors, meant for yatchs and fishing boats. For the bigger sizes of boats, such as cruises, the range of D Hone anchors goes all the way from 2400 to 5175 kgs.