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The AC14 is the most popular High Holding Anchor in the Western Hemisphere. It was originally created for the Royal Navy in the post-war Great Britain. It's design is robust but simple, with two prominent edges in the base. It is the second stockless generation.

AC-14 Anchor

Used AC-14 Anchor

In the yards of Bergen and Sotra we own tens of second hand used AC14 anchors. We ship from Norway to the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, and anywhere in EU.

New AC-14 Anchors

At our yards in Manila, Shanghai and Singapore we also provide AC 14 anchors to any location in Asia Pacific. They are unused and brand new AC-14 anchors, newly manufactured.


The AC-14 anchor probably has more sizes than any other High Holding Power anchor, at least the standard versions. You can get a small AC 14 for your yatch or commercial ship from a range of 30 to 1440 kgs. At the same time, for the medium sized boats, like the ones used in the fishing industry, from 1575 to 6525 kgs. In terms of the large boats, like aircraft carriers or destroyers, the sizes that range from 6975 and 21750 are ideal. There is also a collection of extra large sizes for the AC 14, that go from 23250 to 36000 kgs and are used by the largest cargo ships in the World.