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Surface Buoy

2500 kg Buoyancy - 2.5 Tons
Delivery from Stock
Made in Norway 
Modular buoys in the coast of Norway / ​Modulær bøyer salg

Donut Buoy

15000 kg Buoyancy - 15 Tons
Second Hand - Used
8 pcs in Stock 
Floating Donut yellow and orange Bøyer

Modular Buoy

14000 kg Buoyancy - 14 Tons
6 pcs in Stock
Used & Unused
Modular buoys in the coast of Norway / ​Modulær bøyer

Aqua Series

Aqua Series 600
560 kg Buoyancy - 0,56 Tons
Second Hand - Used 
Aqua Series near Norway

Surface Buoy

27000 kg Buoyancy - 27 Tons
Item 20-4
Flotation Buoy 
Big surface mooring floater ​Overflate bøyer

Mooring Buoy

Second hand - Used
Surface Buoy
Small mooring ​Fortøynings bøyer

Modular Buoy

3500 kg Buoyancy - 3,5 Tons
Second hand - Used
Aquaculture Buoy
Modular buoys in stock for Aquaculture

Aqua Series

Aqua Series 850
800 kg Buoyancy - 0,8 Ton
Second Hand - Used 
Aqua Series in stock for sale

Support Buoy

Modular Support Buoy
30000 kg buoyancy - 30 Ton
​Modulær bøyer also known as large support buoys 30 tones

Mooring Buoy

4 m x 2,5 m diameter
Weight 4/5 tons approx
Used - Refurbished
Large mooring in Norway given the name in the certificate known Fortøynings bøyer

Modular Buoy

4820 kg Buoyancy - 4,8 Tons
Used & Refurbished
Aquaculture Buoy
Large modular buoys in stock for Aquaculture also known as ​Modulær bøyer in Norwegian

Aqua Series

Aqua Series 1100
1035 kg Buoyancy - 1,03 Ton
Second Hand - Used 
Aqua Series buoys for sale

Surface Buoy

Modular Surface Buoy
1200 kg buoyancy - 1,2 Ton
Surface buoys for sale in Norway when searched ​Overflate bøyer

Sub Surface

Sub Surface Buoys
522 kg Buoyancy - 0,52 Ton
1000 MSW Deep Rating 
Sub Surface buoys for sale

Anchor Pendant

Anchor Pendant Buoy
20000 kg Buoyancy - 20 Tons
Second hand - Used
Anchor pendant mooring

Pipe Buoy

Buoyancy support for
pipeline or cable float.
New - Unused 
Tie in for sale in Iceland

Flexigun Buoy

1800 kg Buoyancy - 1,8 Ton
Used and Unused
Item 20-6 
Flexigun for sale in Iceland

Subsea Support

1390 kg Buoyancy - 1,39 Ton
New - Unused
2000 m depth
Subsea support buoys in stock in Norway


Diameter 11,5 meters
5 meter Height
Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring
Calm mooring device


Navigation Buoy
Second hand - Used
Navigation mooring floater Navigasjons bøyer

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