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Installation of Mooring Buoys

At Geiranger Fjords

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The Fjords of Geiranger find a Replacement for their Mooring Buoys

These buoys are used every day by cruise ships and ferries. They showcase the stunning Norwegian landscape to thousands of tourists every day. And they needed new ones.

Installing the New Surface Buoys

We have arranged the installation using an offshore operations vessel. We have installed the three buoys in less than a day.

Mooring Buoys Installation Offshore Buoys at Norwegian Fjord
Decommissioning of surface buoys Old Buoy decommission

Decommissioning the Old Buoys

The old buoys that we have replaced have been decommissioned according to industry standards, in less than 24 hours.

Final Result after the Installation:

These are the surface buoys from Castle Hills AS floating in the Norwegian Fjords of Geiranger. They are foam filled and steel coated.

Surface Buoy in Norway Foam FIlled Buoy in Norway