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2000 Tones of Offshore Stud Chain

For a FPSO Oil Tanker Ship

 +47 - 55 90 90 20  + STUD CHAIN FOR SALE

Offshore Stud Link Chain - 84 & 120 mm

Floating Storage and Onloading ships (FSO) are enormous pieces of machinery that require extremely large quantities, of extremely large chain. We delivered the complete anchor chains with Stevpris Mk6.

Temporary Mooring of the TELI FSO

The TELI FSO tanker ship, formerly known as the Cap Diamant, replaced an old FPSO ship in Gabon in order to modernize an offshore oil project.

TELI FSO tanker ship FSO oil tanker
Offshore Chains for a FPSO ship 120 mm offshore chain stud link

84 & 120 mm Stud Link Chain for Offshore

The chain chosen for the temporary mooring of this giant FSO was 84 mm and 120 mm stud link offshore chain.

Second Hand Stevpris Mk6 Anchors

We also delivered several Stevpris Mk6 anchors that we had in Stock, as usual, to be connected to the offshore chain.

Second hand Stevpris Mk6 anchors Stevpris Mk6 Delivery