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Complete Anchor Chain Delivery

For one of Norway's Largest Ships

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The Anchor Chain of an Offshore Support Vessel

Offshore Support Vessels (OSV for short) primarily use regular ship chain, specially stud link. But in certain offshore operations, such as servicing in deep water, offshore chain can also be used by the OSV.

The Offshore Support Vessel

There are highly specialized ships that require extremely high quality material, due to their size and the importance of their work.

Norwegian Offshore Support Vessel in the Fjords Offshore Support Vessel (OSV)
Stevpris Mk6 Anchor Second Hand Stevpris Anchor

Delivering the Stevpris Mk6 Anchor

We supplied one of our many original second hand Stevpris Mk6 anchors that we have in Stock in Norway here at Castle Hills AS.

Stud Link Chain for Ship Anchors

We delivered hundreds of meters of this first hand ship studlink chain, along with every component needed, such as swivels and shackles.

Stud Chain for ships Stud Link Chain