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Commonly known in this industry as the ASW-B, the Swivel Shackle type B is one of the most popular ship swivels. It is primarily used in the anchor chain of medium to large sized ships and vessels.

Swivel Shackle type B

Used Swivel Shackles type B

Find our Second Hand Swivel Shackles type B in Stock in Norway, among other European locations. We provide the type B among type A and type K.

New Swivel Shackles type B

Here at Castle Hills we are also a supplier of new or First Hand Swivel Shackles type B, straight from our production site and facilities in Asia Pacific.


The size of a Swivel Shackle type B is adapted to fit the size of it's corresponding ship chain. The smaller ones begin with a diameter of 22 mm up to 62 mm, and are the most commonly used ones in fishing boats. For medium sized ships, such as ferries, the diameter of the Swivel Shackle type B begins at 64 mm until 84 mm. There exists also larger ones, for cargo ships and Offshore Service Vessels, starting at a diameter of 64 and up to 117 mm.

Swivel Shackle Assembly Complete Manual

Using this manual and following the few and simple steps provided in it, you will be able to assemble and dismantle any type of Swivel Shackle. Dismantling this type of ship swivel is a very simple process, and does not require any kind of specialized equipment, other than a hammer, a pin, or other tools that are commonly available.