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The Swivel Shackle type A, sometimes known as a ASW-A for short, is the standard swivel shackle for ship chain. It is well known for it's simplicity of use. A single size of this swivel can work for different chain sizes.

Swivel Shackle type A

Used Swivel Shackles type A

Second Hand Swivel Shackles type A in Stock in Norway. Several of them are original Feuerstein swivels, which are made in Germany.

New Swivel Shackles type A

Castle Hills AS is also your supplier of new or first hand Swivel Shackles type A for ship chain. We have them in Stock primarily in Asia Pacific.


Swivel Shackles of the type A, also known as ASW-A, come at sizes that are compatible for all industry standard sizes of ship chain. The smallest diameters supported are from 22 to 52 mm. Other sizes, the medium ones, start at 56 mm and are up to 102 mm. They can also be attached to larger chains starting at 107 mm and up to 162 mm.

First and Second Hand Swivel Shackles

Our Swivel Shackles of type A are a popular product in the local Norwegian maritime industry, and world wide.

Swivel Shackles Second Hand Swivel Shackles

Dismantle or Assemble a Swivel Shackle

Swivel Shackles are extremely easy to use. As you can see in our manual, in order to assemble or dismantle a swivel shackle you simply need to follow three steps. At the same time, the equipment that you will need for this task is not specialized, it should be available in the hardware store of your nearest provimity.