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The Kenter Shackle, technically known as a Joining Shackle Type Kenter, is one of the standard ship shackles used in anchor chains in the last two centuries. It has a removable stud, that is secured by a safety pin used to keep every part in place.

Kenter Shackle

Used Kenter Joining Shackles

Here at Castle Hills we have hundreds, if not thousands of Kenter Shackles in Stock in Norway. These are mostly second hand Kenter Shackles.

New Kenter Joining Shackles

We also have in Stock new, or first hand Kenter Shackles. We have them in our facilities in Stock in Norway, but we also have them in Asia Pacific.


The size of a Kenter Joining Shackle is the same as the size of the ship chain, or any kind of anchor chain to which it is connected. The small Kenter Shackles start at a diameter of 12.5 mm up to 50 mm. Medium sized Kenter Joining Shackles have usually a diameter around 52 and 100 mm. While the biggest sizes, the heaviest ones, start at 102 mm and can go all the way up to 175 mm.

First and Second Hand Kenter Shackles

We are a supplier of first and second hand Joining Kenter Shackles of all sizes in maritime industry. We have delivered to the Largest Ship in the World.

Giant Kenter Shackle First Hand Kenter Shackle
Used Slim Kenter Shackles Big Slim Kenter Shackle

We also have Slim Kenter Shackles

These are more commonly used in the offshore industry than the regular kenter type. They are slightly lighter.