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The Slim Kenter Shackle, or as it is technically known, the slim joining shackle type kenter, is the standard in offshore chain operations. It is very similar to the regular type, with the difference that it is slightly lighter and thinner.

Slim Kenter Shackle

Used Kenter Joining Shackles

We have used second hand slim kenter shackles in Stock in Norway, hundreds of them. We have in our storage a wide array of different weights and sizes.

New Kenter Joining Shackles

At the same time, we have in Stock in Norway and in Asia Pacific hundreds of other new and first hand slim kenter shackles, for sale.


The standard sizes of a Slim Kenter Shackle are the same as the regular kenter joining shackle, which are also the same as the standard sizes of offshore chain. The smallest ones start at 76 mm and up to 82 mm. The medium sizes of the Slim Kenter Joining Shackle start at 84 mm and go all the way up to 102 mm. The larger sizes, the biggest ones in industry are used on deep water operations, and start at 102 mm and end at 162 mm. But the most commonly used ones are between 120 and 122 mm, commonly used in oil rigs and drilling rigs.

First and Second Hand Slim Kenter Shackles

Here in Norway we have in Stock Slim Kenter Joining Shackles, new and second have, used and not used, of standard industry sizes.

First Hand Slim Kenter Shackle Second Hand Slim Kenter Shackle

We also have regular Kenter Shackles

The regular type is more commonly used for ship chain. However, some offshore operators prefer this over the slim class.