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An Union Anchor is very similar to the Hall class. They are both stockless anchors commonly used by the maritime industry in ships. The Union class has a reinforcement in the bottom, and it is an industry standard in Japan (JIS).

Union Anchor

Used Union Anchors

Second Hand used union anchor available in Stock in Norway, EU, and APAC. Since this type of stockless anchor is old, most items are second hand.

New Union Anchor

We can deliver new, or unused union anchors to worldwide locations, and primarily to Asia Pacific, such as the cities of Manila or Shanghai.


The size of an Union Anchor can vary depending on it's purpose, but the most commonly used and conventional sizes go all the way from 200 kgs, used by smaller yatchs. To 23000 kgs, this kind is mostly used by the large fishing boats in Japan, but due to it's versatility it has a wide array of other applications in the maritime industry.