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The mythical US Navy Stockless Anchor, used by the Navy of the United States of America, and by the Liberty Ships in WW2 that carried cargo to support the Allies. Your boat can also share the same anchor and values thanks to Castle Hills.

Union Anchor

Used US Navy Stockless

Find your original and second hand used US Navy Stockless Anchor in Norway, Netherlands, or other EU locations. Deliveries also to America.

New US Navy Stockless

Allow us to provide you with unused or newly made US Navy Stockless Anchors from our stock locations or other supply sources worldwide.


The US Navy Stockless is used on the small ships meant to carry active military personell, with sizes ranging from 136 to 998 kgs. The anchors most commonly used on the liberty ships range from 1590 to 2721 kgs. Those larger options used in aircraft carriers or destroyers are usually from 4082 to 15876 kgs, the largest and heaviest US Navy Stockless anchors.