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This is the standard in maritime industry, when it comes to ships. The Hall anchor is the conventional and widely used design, the icon of all stockless anchors. It is standardized because of it's versatility, and because of it's simplicity, since it makes manufacture an easier and cheaper task.

Hall Anchor

Used Hall Anchors

You will find second hand used hall anchors in stock in Norway, Netherlands and Germany. The locations where it is most commonly used.

New Hall

We also deliver the newly made Hall anchor, from our storage facilities in Asia Pacific (APAC) close to production. We also have unused hall anchors.


This item can be used by really small boats, starting at 10 and going up to 1140 for the smaller boats, such as small yatchs for private use. A medium size for a Hall Anchor goes from 1290 to 6450 kgs, which is what is mostly used in conventional shipping industry, such as in oil & gas inspection vessels. The bigger sizes go from 6900 to 16100 kgs, with utility on the larger boats, such as container ships and gas tankers.