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The Stingray Anchor is one of the most used pieces of equipment in aquaculture. Inshore fish farming industry relies on mooring for their facilities, and the Stingray Anchor is the standard plough anchor for the task.

Spek Anchor

Used Stingray Anchors

We provide second hand Stingray Anchors in Norway, and EU locations. The used plough anchor is a nice choice for northern fish farms.

New Stingray Anchor

We also provide a similar kind of Stingray anchor that we manufacture, with equal capabilities. It is very popular in European aquaculture.


The size of the Stingray anchor that a fish farm uses depends largely on the size and number of modules used. We start with 50 kgs Stingray anchors for the smallest ones, going up to 150 kgs. For the medium sized fish farms we provide from 250 to 750 kg of this kind of plough anchors. And for the biggest options, we provide from 1000 to 5000 kg Stingray anchors, the largest ones for sale.

We also Produce our own Anchors

We manufacture our own version of the Stingray class anchor for fish farming and aqua culture, and we sell it in Norway or any worldwide location.

Stingray anchors in stock Stingray anchors in Norway