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High Holding Power Anchors

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The HHP N Type Anchor is similar to the TW type. They are both High Holding Power, and were originally created by the same engineering firm. The key difference between the TW and the N Type is in their flukes. The N Anchor has more volume, and has a more complex shape.

HHP N Anchor

Used HHP N Anchor

Second Hand used HHP N anchors are very popular in maritime industry. They are one of the most used in Aircraft Carriers, as well as Oil & Gas Industry ships.

New HHP N Type Anchors

We can supply to Europe (EU) and Asia Pacific (APAC) unused or new N Type Anchors. The most popular destination is in Norway, and it is quite used in South Asia, like in Singapore.


The HHP N Anchor comes in different sizes depending on your needs. For the smaller yatchs and ships, from 20 to 1080 kgs is more than ideal. For the medium and slightly large boats, the most suitable sizes of the HHP N Type go from 1195 to 6225 kgs. For the largest ones, like aircraft carriers and big ferries, we have a selection going all the way from 6525 to 17250 kgs.