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R4 Rig Chain Delivery - Stud Link

Transocean Equinox Project

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84 mm R4 Offshore Stud Link Chain

In our project as an offshore maritime supplier, we completed the delivery of hundreds of meters of 84 mm stud link chain, of grade R4, the standard in the offshore industry.
If you are also interested on this type of chain, we still have much more in Stock.

The Transocean Equinox Drilling Rig

It is a Semi Submersible Drilling Rig (SSDR) which is used for offshore perforation, and is the more modern alternative to the drillship.

SSDR Drilling Rig Transocean Oceanix offshore chain
R4 offshore chain 84 mm offshore chain

R4 84 mm Stud Chain for Offshore

Images of some out of the several hundreds of meters of chain that we delivered in the night to the Transocean Equinox drilling rig.