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The Pear shaped Anchor Shackle, also known as Pear shaped End Shackle, but even more commonly known as just "Pear Shackle" is an anchor shackle for ship chain. Please beware, not to be mistaken with the Pear Link.

Pear Shackle

Used Pear Shackles

We have second hand pear shackles in stock in Norway, in our warehouse next to Bergen. Hundreds of units, certified, and in very good conditions.

New Pear Shackles

We are also a supplier of first hand pear shackles, in stock in Norway as well. We also have them in our other facilities located in Asia Pacific.


The size of a Pear Shackle solely depends on the size of the chain links it is going to fit. There are ten main sizes of pear shackles, starting at 19-24 mm chain, and up to 97-102 mm of diameter of chain. They come as well in two different types, the grade 3 pear shackle, and the grade R4 pear shackle. They naturally have different proof and breaking loads.

First Hand Pear shaped Shackles

Here at Castle Hills we are a supplier of first hand pear shackles, which you can find in our facilities right outside of Bergen, Norway.

Pear Shackle first hand Pear Shackles new
pear shackles second hand

Second Hand Pear shaped Shackles

Also find our used pear shackles in Stock in Norway and for sale worldwide. All of them certified and in extremely good conditions.