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Stud Link

Grade R3, R4 & R5

Stud link

Studless Link

Grade R3, R4 & R5

Studless link

Chain is one of the most crucial components in the Oil & Gas Industry, since it ensures that the oil rigs are drilling on the desired zone. The two types of chains used in offshore is the offshore studlink chain, and the offshore studless chain. They are classified by Grade R3, R4 and R5 because they can be made of different chemical compositions, depending the task in which they are going to be used for.

First & Second Hand Studlink Chains

Here in Norway, and in our Worldwide locations, we have in stock hundreds of different sizes of offshore stud link chains, used and not used.

Spek M anchor in Sotra, Norway Spek anchor in Stavanger, Norway
An arrange of hall anchors in Singapore, Asia Big Hall Anchors in Bergen, Norway

First & Second Hand Studless Chains

Studless Chains are also used in the offshore industry. Here at Castle Hills we have it in stock in Norway and in Asia Pacific.

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