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It is a commonly used stockless anchor, popular in ships and other areas of the maritime industry. It is the evolution of  Hall anchors, which features changes in the center of mass, that simplify it's use in boating operations. At the same time, it's design is specialized for modern ship pockets.

Spek Anchor

Used Spek Anchors

Castle Hills delivers second hand used Spek anchors, commonly in Bergen and Sotra. Used Spek Anchors are in Stock in Norway and the Netherlands.

New Spek Anchor

Newly manufactured, or unused Speck Anchors are more common in Asia Pacific, in our locations at Manila (The Philipines) or in Singapore.


This item comes in different sizes, according to the different needs of ships in the maritime industry. It is commonly used in different types of boats. It's utility starts on small passenger ships, going all the way through ferries to aircraft carriers and large oil tankers, or cargo vessels. It is extremely versatile, like most stockless anchors. Some of the most popular sizes are the small 50 to 2100 kg, medium from 2280 to 9300 kg, and the large ones with a weight of 9900 to 29000 kg.