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The Spek M anchor is the evolution of the Spek type. The design is very similar, but a few differences are what make it the standard in ship anchors. It has a thicker and more robust base, which simplifies anchorage. The Spek M at the same time, is easier to operate than it's stockless predecessors.

Spek M Anchor

Used Spek M Anchors

You can find in Norway or EU our second hand, or used Spek M anchors. They are in stock in a wide array of different locations, such as near Bergen.

New Spek M Anchor

They are unused or new made in the factory. These are mostly located in Asia Pacific, in locations such as Shanghai, in China, or in South Korea.


We offer the standard sizes in industry of the Spek M anchor, which go for smaller vessels such as ferries from 80 to 2280 kgs. For larger sizes of boats, such as cruises, it is commonly used from 2460 to 9900 kgs. And for the largest ships that use the Spek M anchor we have sizes from 10500 to 20000 kgs, such as cargo ships or aircraft carriers. If you want to see more details about sizes and measurements, we have documentation from the Spek M anchors that we have in Stock.