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This kind of stockless anchors, commonly known as Gruson Anchors, is a slightly more specialized choice than it's predecessors. It's thin arms and thick flukes mark it's characteristic narrow shape. Similar to the Spek.

Gruson Anchor

Used Gruson Anchor

We offer you second hand used Gruson Anchors in Norway and other EU locations, such as the Netherlands. It is in stock and close to you worldwide.

New Gruson Anchors

You can find at our facilities unused and new Gruson Anchors, which we can deliver worldwide from our yards in EU and Asia Pacific.


Starting at 80 kgs to 1020 kgs, the Gruson Anchor for smaller ships, such as fishing boats, comprehends the most commonly used sizes. On a range going from 1140 to 5250 kgs we find the sizes for the medium boats, such as research vessels. For the biggest ones, we offer sizes from 5610 to 11100 kgs, the largest ones so far.