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It is a conventional stockless anchor. The byers anchor is characterized by the simplicity of it's design. This allows a faster and more efficient manufacture process. At the same time, it can be easily used in most vessel types.

Byers anchor

Used Byers Anchor

We offer you available the byers anchor in stock in Norway, Nordic Regions and several locations of the EU European Union, such as the Netherlands.

New Byers Anchors

We have newly manufactured byers anchors. Their availability is mostly in APAC nations, such as in Malaysia or Japan, but also in the Philippines.


The standard, or most commonly available sizes for byers anchors are very variable. They are available for small ships, such as those expected to be found in small harbors, with ship anchors with the weight of 220 kg to 2360 kgs. For the medium sized boats, such as fishing boats, the most common sizes are 2540 to 7100 kgs. For the larger boats, byers anchors are available from 7350 to 9550 kgs.