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The Baldt Anchor is one of the conventional and long used stockless anchors. One of the first of it's kind to no longer use the stock. Baldt Anchors are convenient and practical, with their design being a classic in the maritime industry.

Baldt Anchor

Used Baldt Anchor

The second hand Baldt Anchor is a trusted and reliable option. It has been an industry standard for decades. In stock in Bergen, Norway, and European Union.

New Baldt Anchors

Unused or newly manufactured Baldt Anchors are not that common nowadays, and we can supply you at any worldwide location, specially in APAC.


For those smaller vessels, conventionally used by private people, the commonly used sizes go from 90 to 550 kg. For those fishing boats and medium sized ships, such as cruises, sizes like 680 to 2495 kgs are more suitable. The most appropriate sizes for the largest ships using Baldt Anchors are everything from 2721 to 18140 kgs, the biggest sizes.